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 Collecting your gil

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PostSubject: Collecting your gil   Collecting your gil Icon_minitime2009-08-18, 20:14


There will probably never be a time in your real life where someone will hunt you down as we have been doing ingame to give you your money that is owed to you. Truth be told, it's quite an inconvinience for us to come hunt you down. It's YOUR responsibility to check the site and see if you are due to be paid or stay logged in long enough to see when Fosgate announces people to be paid out. If you are having trouble reading the site and how we manage gils, pay attention to the little class I am about to give.

Log onto the website and check the forums for the events that you have done. Let's say you have been coming with us to Dynamis. Check the "Dynamis" forums for the runs you have attended.

Collecting your gil Pic1

Above is a screenshot of the Dynamis Forum. I place in parenthesis the status of this run. Let me break down which each parenthesis status means.

1.) A status of "Pending" means that either the Currency Tally is incomplete or the run hasn't taken place yet.

2.) A status of "Waiting on Currency to Sell" is self explanitory. Can't get paid until the lewt sells.

3.) An entry with no status means that the Currency has sold and people are allowed to be paid for this run. See next screenshot for explaination on how to read a thread.

4.) An entry of "Waiting on <insert name>" means that you have not picked up your gil for over a weeks time. Get over to Kayley pronto and pick up your paycheck.

5.) A Status of "Paid" means everyone that was in attendance has been paid and the thread can be closed or locked. Check symbol next to "Paid" status's, you will notice that the thread is padlocked only if it has been paid out.

6.) A status of "No-Go" means that we scheduled the run earlier that week but the run was cancelled for whatever reason.

Collecting your gil Pic2

If you think that you are owed money from a Dynamis run and are unsure to check, here is how to do it. Open the the Dynamis thread and look down the attendance list. You will notice that beside the name, we place a "paid" note indicating that a sackholder handed out cash to these persons.

Obviously "Paid" is self-explanitory.

1.) If you see your name without a pay note, this indicates that you are owed money from the LS bank. Right underneath the list of persons there is a numeric ammount posted that lets you know how much you are due. See Kayley A.S.A.P. and collect your money.

2.) If you see a "Paid (Insert Name Paid)", this means I had to hunt you down to get you paid. (Name Paid) in parenthesis means that the person who paid one member, also was payed by Kayley; i.e. Reinbursement.

That's how you check to see if you are owed money. If you have questions about the money you were payed, whether the attendance is wrong, whether you wont be online for 2 weeks to collect your due's, etc. Contact me or Fosgate and let us know so we can hold onto your gil for you. It is getting to the point that we may instate a 3-4 week cap where if you don't see kayley in a decent amount of time, we'll forfeit your gil over to the LS bank. We want to balance the LS checkbook and make sure everyone is caught up and payed accordingly. We don't want to hold onto your gil. It's a liability for us. Besides, we want you to spend your gil so that you can be awesome. So get in, collect, and spend away!
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Collecting your gil
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