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 8/22/2009 Dynamis - Sandoria

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PostSubject: 8/22/2009 Dynamis - Sandoria   2009-08-22, 21:58

Dynamis ~. 8/22/2009

Hey guys, the interwebz went out here at the house today. Called "LOLComcast" and nothing. I hope to be on ASAP but knowing Murphy's Law, that won't happen. Enjoy the run!
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PostSubject: Re: 8/22/2009 Dynamis - Sandoria   2009-08-24, 18:07

Stuff dropped.....

We owned.......

We killed something we werent supposed to and giant horde of orcs popped in our face when we killed the boss....

people made lots of gil.....

check the bank page which is updated with payouts and attendance. No pretty web post this run due to Fosgate blacking out and Brock's interwebz not working.
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8/22/2009 Dynamis - Sandoria
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