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 Zeni Planning

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PostSubject: Zeni Planning   2009-07-14, 06:44

Just wanted to see which LS members are interested in some ZNM' tier 1's soon. We have several people interested in getting some items from these mobs. None of them are particularly easy except Velionis and Lil'Aphullu. If you want to do any of the others, we are going to need a fairly large group to be able to take them down. Grab your camera's, get your zeni's, and let us know here what your wishlist is!
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PostSubject: Re: Zeni Planning   2009-07-17, 00:51

I want to yes but, with salvage annm's ect might not have time.
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PostSubject: hey   2009-10-22, 18:54

I have asked a few times but no one interested. I'm very interested in ZNM i have 8k Zeni and a T1 Popitem Rodent Cheese. I am up for it if we can get enough members.
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PostSubject: Re: Zeni Planning   

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Zeni Planning
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