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 Campaign Ops Information/Sticky

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PostSubject: Campaign Ops Information/Sticky   2009-07-21, 14:53

Unless you have been living under a rock in La Thein you probably have noticed the sheer amount of people participating in Campaign since the update this past Monday. Next time you are online, glance over the Campaign Map and you will find that almost every zone is now swinging in the favor of the Allied Nations. This is great news for our LS!

When the beastmen strongholds of the past are in the possession of the allies we gain access to new Campaign Ops battle. There are three different Campaign Ops; one for each nation. Just below I've listed the name, prerequesites, and the notable drops for each.

Splitting Heirs
1.) You must be in possession of an Iron Emblem of Service campaign elvaluation medal.
2.) La Vaule (S) needs to be under San d'Orian control.
3.) Be affiliated with San d'Oria in the allied Campaign.

Money Drops:
Cuchulain's Mantle
[Back] All Races
DEF: 8 STR +4 DEX +4 Accuracy +5
Lv. 74 WAR / MNK / RDM / THF / PLD / DRK /
Sells for around 2-4 Million Gil

Witch Sash
[Waist] All Races
DEF: 4 INT +5 MND +5 Magic Accuracy +2
Magic critical hit rate +2%
Lv. 71 WHM / BLM / RDM
Sells for around 3-5 Million Gil

Cracking Shells
1.) You must be in possession of an Iron Emblem of Service campaign elvaluation medal.
2.) Beadeaux (S) needs to be under Bastokian control.
3.) Be affiliated with Bastok in the allied Campaign.

Money Drops:
Airy Buckler
[Shield] All Races
DEF: 17 CHR +2 Accuracy +2
"Store TP" +2
Haste +1%
Lv. 71 THF / PUP / DNC
Sells for around 2-3million Gil

(Great Axe) All Races
DMG: 88 Delay: 504 VIT +8
Physical damage taken -8
Campaign: Occasionally attacks twice
Lv. 74 WAR
500k-1 Million Gil

Crapaud earring Rare
[Ear] All Races
HP +5 MP -5
"Magic Atk. Bonus" +2
Lv. 72 All Jobs
1-2 Million Gil

Plucking Wings
1.) You must be in possession of an Iron Emblem of Service campaign elvaluation medal.
2.) Castle Oztroja (S) needs to be under Windurstian control.
3.) Be affiliated with Windurst in the allied Campaign.

Money Drops:
Cuchulain's belt
[Waist] All Races
DEF: 6 HP +15 DEX +6 Attack +10
Lv. 72 WAR / RDM / THF / PLD / DRK / BST /
2-5 Million Gil

Karasutengu kogake
[Feet] All Races
DEF: 18 INT +3
Spell interruption rate down 15%
Campaign: Adds "Refresh" effect
Lv. 73 MNK / WHM / RDM / THF / PLD / BST /
500k - 1.5 Million Gil

Roundel Earring
[Ear] All Races
DEF: 1 "Cure" potency +5%
"Waltz" potency +5%
Lv. 73 WHM / BLM / RDM / DRG / SMN / PUP /
4-6 Million Gil

Anyways, I wanted to bring to everyones attention that there is a possiblility of making some cash here. With this rare opportunity that the WoTG Beast Strongholds are likely to be taken over by the allied nations, I say we take advantage of it.

Here are some tips to prepare for a Campaign Op!

~ Start spamming Campaign Battles and getting your Evaluation completed on the 5th day. You can gain 4 new medals in 20 days if you are that far behind the Campaign Medal requirement.

~ Not only will spamming Campaign Battle benefit you for this Campaign Op, but you will also be gaining AN's for ANNMs we do weekly and will obtain XP/LP for your job at the same time; Its a Win Win Win all around.

~ Save your Campaign Ops tags. You get 1 per day with a max of 7 gained and held by the NPC per week.

~ We have alot of San d'Orians in our LS. Because San d'Orians cannot do Plucking Wings and Cracking Shells and Vise Versa, may I suggest that you give it some thought as to which allegiance you are claimed to. There is no requirement for you to change allegiances but it makes finding you a group to be placed in much easier. The good thing about this LS is that we can place you somewhere more than likely. Especially if you are Windurstian, since a majority of the time we spam Blue and Red Crate ANNM's, you spending 4x's as many points on crates compared to San d'Orians. Just give it some thought.

~ Go into battle and focus. The more spells cast, the DD'ing you do, the more you get the killing blow on mobs, the higher your AN/XP reward will be at the end of Campaign. Here is a good resource for finding out what you can do to max out your Campaign Battle Experience. Campaign Battle Calculator
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PostSubject: Re: Campaign Ops Information/Sticky   2009-07-21, 17:36

<< gil whore.

I'm in.

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Campaign Ops Information/Sticky
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