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 LoLBrogame Dynamis - What you should know before joining up

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LoLBrogame Dynamis - What you should know before joining up Empty
PostSubject: LoLBrogame Dynamis - What you should know before joining up   LoLBrogame Dynamis - What you should know before joining up Icon_minitime2009-07-07, 03:11

A little history behind Lolbrogame LS and how it effects Dynamis:

LoLBrogame is a Linkshell community on Unicorn server comprised of friends whom met together in-game and decided to create a shell so that they could stick together and do endgame events together and help the group profit from it. Lolbrogame is a sister shell to the Salvage Linkshell Hotsecs which many of our founding members came from.

With the increasing costs of Dynamis Currency, Lolbrogames decided to enter the currency market for two reasons; Firstly we want our linkshell members to potentially make a profit from Dynamis Currency. With Dynamis Currency doubling, and in some 100 currency situations tripling, we figured "Why are we not in Dynamis?" Secondly, many members here have wanted to obtain their very own relic weapon at some point in their career. Lolbrogames will farm currency and hand it out evenly to players giving everyone an equal opportunity to reduce the cost of their relic weapon. Instead of just doing one relic at a time like most shells we will give out the currency and allow our members to choose what they want to do with them.

So how does the LoLBrogame Dynamis currency system work?

~ Right before we enter the Dynamis zone, we will take a non point based attendance of who shows up to a run. The purpose of this is for payout when we recieve multiple 100 Currency in a run so we know who to pay out once it sells.

~ While we are inside zone. Dynamis Currency is NOT free lot. We will select one of our leaders to lot all the currency and keep track of it during a run.

~ If a currency falls to a person other than the treasurer by accident, we ask that you be honest and turn it in when you can or at the end the run.

~ If we start to run out of time, we'll let you know when is not a good time to go AFK. We may need everyone to pass currency quickly, please take your breaks well before we are about to wrap up the run.

~ Once we are outside; wait patiently. We will need to crunch some numbers. In distributing currency, our #1 priority is to make sure our LS has money to continue doing runs so out of all the currency that we receive, the LS Coffer gets the first payout. After the bank has been paid, we split the rest of the single currency up and divide evenly to attendee's. Any left over 100 pieces will be sold in Bazaar overnight and members that are on our attendance list from that particular night will be paid evenly from the sale of that 100 Currency Piece(s).

What about Relic Armor?

~ Since our Dynamis runs are geared more for currency farming instead of relic armor, we have a very relaxed system for lotting.

~ BEFORE the run we request that if you want a particular relic armor piece you place in your /seacom what armor you want by importance. i.e."

1st SAM
2nd SMN
3rd PLD

You don't need to name the entire piece of gear by its name, just by the job. Makes it easier to look down the list to see who wants what.

~ We will have along with attendance, the relic armor that you wanted to lot on before the run. Changing your /seacom during a run will not benefit you any as we take a list of the jobs before we enter. This list is non-negotiable. What we have on our list is what people lot on.

If nobody wants a particular piece of armor, its freelot for all. Please keep in mind that although we all are lewt whores, please be courteous and lot relic armor that you can wear or will be able to wear very soon. I.E. Level 2 DRK leveling on an Abysss Flanchard is not cool.

What about the Synth/Auction House Materials.

~ For the first few runs, we will hold on to these items so that we can fund these runs. Once we are on our feet, we will announce what our intentions are for these synth items. We will update the site and inform our members accordingly.

If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a /tell.
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LoLBrogame Dynamis - What you should know before joining up
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