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 Sky run 7-27 Thank you

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PostSubject: Sky run 7-27 Thank you   2009-07-28, 16:30

Thank you to everyone that went on the sky run last night. Gratz to all who got drops and a big TY for everyones condolences for the failed Byakko attempt. Thats how the cookie crumbles sometimes and I knew the risks goin in.

Sunday is my birthday and I could think of nothing I would like more then Kitty Pants for my birthday. I know that some people have other commitments on sundays but Bazel will be avail as a second PLD on sun so if we can find a time that works I would be eternally grateful.

I have 1 Kitty pop set remaining and will seek a second if this is a realistic possibility.

DRK is 74 atm and as soon as done with this post gonna work on the rest may bring it out in dyna tonight and hopefully will be avail for Byakko next go around.

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PostSubject: Re: Sky run 7-27 Thank you   2009-07-28, 19:14

Sorry for the lost, I know its hard to lose something where we could have won easily.

I can help again, I think when we get swift belts and Soboro done we can do a few sky runs on Weds.
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PostSubject: Kitty Pants   2009-07-29, 17:10

I feel real bad not that I had to bail out early seeing how you guys lost... Dunno if another BLM would of made the difference since I dont know what happened but Sunday morning from 8amish cst until 6:30pm Im free to do some sky or w/e to help get your Pants!! I'll be in LS just holla if we gonna do this or not.
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PostSubject: Re: Sky run 7-27 Thank you   

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Sky run 7-27 Thank you
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