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 Nyzul Isle x 3 7/30/09

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PostSubject: Nyzul Isle x 3 7/30/09   2009-07-30, 14:51

Tonight is Nyzul Isle for the Bozz, Bigtymer, Aelf, Suran, Kitty, and Brock group and afterwards the Salvage group enters. Remember today is the day off for the LS if you want it to be so get out there and level, craft, farm or take the day off! Be ready for ANNMs tomorrow. Get ya crates, yo!
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PostSubject: Re: Nyzul Isle x 3 7/30/09   2009-07-30, 15:09

I have 2 people lined up who would like to purchase Akar gear. I have one person who wants body for 1m. I have another person who wants the whole set for 4m but especially body 1m, head 1.2m.

I need 4 people who are interested in doing a few runs tonight to try and get askar. Gil will be split evenly between the 5 of us. Anything but askar is free lot if you can wear it. My disk is at 100.
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Nyzul Isle x 3 7/30/09
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