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PostSubject: Reeper   Reeper Icon_minitime2009-08-02, 03:19

Rank 7 Basty

on Mammok fight CoP

on Black Coffin ToA

on ZM 15

75 WAR
75 DRK
53 PLD activly leveling
44 MNK on hold
38 SAM in line to take to 75
37 NIN done for a long while
37 THF in line to take to 75
33 DNC done for a while
33 BLM will take to 40 someday
30 DRG in line to take to 75
21 RDM done
12 RNG semi actively leveling

torn between taking PLD or RNG to 75 now. Have Koening Hands and Valor Gauntlets all PLD AF and working on PLD campaign gear but lots of peeps in shell leveling PLD

6 to MP
1 to HP
1 to axe
1 to G-axe
1 to scythe
1 to shield
1 to evasion
4 to crit hit
1 to warriors charge
2 to double attk

want/need many many more

I don't really craft mule goldsmith 29 I mostly grow plants Wife and I have combined 16 characters we grow on

want Kitty Pants, Swift belt and Joy-Toy

Really enjoying the new stuff I am doin with this shell THANK YOU
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PostSubject: Re: Reeper   Reeper Icon_minitime2009-08-02, 03:52

Go for PLD if you want! The more PLD's we have, the more flexibility we have to have one of our permaPLD's not come PLD like Bigz coming WHM or Amber coming WAR every now and then. You don't have to level a job on lolbrogames behalf, do it because you want to, not because we need it!

and goodluck with your leveling! Watch out for the noobs out there; they are just as deadly as the XP mobs you're fighting!
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