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PostSubject: Bazel   Bazel Icon_minitime2009-08-02, 05:27

jobs level 75 war pld nin thf rng blm
62 sam, 56 bst, 42 smn, 41 rdm, 36 whm, 34 dnc, 33 brd, 19 drk, 13 cor
missions= zillart done , cop done, toa done, wotg not started, acp done and what ever the mooglel one is i have it but havent started yet.
merits HP+3 MP+4 STR+1 AGI+1 Dagger+1 Sword+1 Axe+2 Scythe+2 katana+1 Marksmanship+1 eva+2 shld+2 parry+2 enfeebling magic+1 enmity increase+3 crit hit+3
War berserk warcry agressor recast +1 double att+1 warcharge+1
BLM ice and lightning pot +1 burst II +1
THF trip att rate +1
PLD shld bash recast +1 sentinel recast +2 rampart recast +1 fealty +1 chivalry +1 guardian +2
RNG sharpshot recast +1
NIN subtle blow +1
CRAFT SKILLS Woodworking 94+3 smithing 31 cooking 25 fishing 13 goldsmithing 12
Rank 10 in bastok and sandoria
Wish List hmm a haste set up for my pld so i can /nin
anything to make my rng destroy stuff
lots more merits and to get sam and drk to 75
really enjoying this LS doing alot of stuff ive never done in this game b4 i was off the game for about 8 months been back on about a month or 2 now looking foward to alot of fun stuff!
oh yeah almost forgot Bahamut 2 can i have it do you need it?
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